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Whether incentives, entertainment or an exciting team experience, our After Work programs will give your event that special touch. Take advantage of the many outdoor possibilities offered by our 2.4-acre park and only a stone’s throw away to the forest. Do not hesitate to contact our 5-person event support team, to offer you advice and assistance and also make your individual ideas possible.

  • 01/10

    Musicworks - from team to band

    Musicworks Workshopfoto 3Imagine how your team members can become "rock stars for one night". With just three hours they practice on drums, electric guitar, bass, keyboard and singing to finally perform a real rock song. Not possible? Of course it is! With 30 electric guitars, 20 electric basses and several drummers, singers and keyboardists at work, everything's just a bit bigger with the "biggest band in the world". Available from four persons to start the music with "Roll'n Rock" exclusive "Musicworks-tations".

    Roll'n Rock - 4 up to 14 persons
    from EUR 2.240,00

    Rockstar for one night - 10 up to 100 persons
    from EUR 2.680,00

    The biggest band in the world - from 70 persons
    from EUR 12.780,00

     In Cooperation with Musicworks

  • 02/10

    QR Code Challenge - the geocaching indoor program

    QR CodeA skilled look, some luck and general knowledge are essential factors to be the quickest team. In small groups you search for the hidden QR codes in the whole building. These contain a variety of (thinking) tasks which are to solve immediately.

    2 hours for up to 20 persons
    EUR 1.370,00

    each additional person
    EUR 71,00

     In Cooperation with Praxisfeld

  • 03/10

    Archery in the park - Discover your talent

    Archery in the parkThe bow is drawn, an eye on the target and shoot. Haven’t you always wanted to try out how accurate you are? In this team event intuition and concentration are required to hit the mark. After a professional tuition, you then have the opportunity to test your skills on the "course". This event takes place in our park area.

    1,5-2 hours for up to 10 persons
    EUR 370,00

    each additional person
    EUR 27,00

    1,5-2 hours for up to 10 persons by torchlight
    EUR 470,00

    each additional person
    EUR 37,00

    In cooperation with Active Meeting Concepts

  • 04/10

    Office golf - with club and ball through the KTC

    Office golfEquipped with golf club and ball the team fun can begin. Upstairs, downstairs, around corners - a 9-hole course will guide you through the house and lead you into unusual game situations. Discover that hidden Tiger Woods in you and bring your team points. Upon request, drink stations can be provided for the necessary energy boost. A victory ceremony completes the golf fun.

    Groups of up to 10 persons
    EUR 655,00

    Groups of up to 20 persons
    EUR 775,00

    Each additional person
    EUR 36,00

    In cooperation with S-Quisit

  • 05/10

    faceArt - your logo as a photo mosaic

    faceArtfaceArt is a simple and effective way to demonstrate the relationship between companies and employees: each individual person is part of the whole - the whole consists of each individual. Divided into small groups the participants take pictures of each other in front of colored backgrounds. The images are combined to your personal motive (e.g. company logo, meeting motto etc.)

    30 min. up to 1 hour for up to 10 persons
    EUR 270,00

    each additional person
    EUR 17,00

    In cooperation with Active Meeting Concepts

  • 06/10

    DJ - and the party can begin

    Party with DJEvery perfect party deserves a perfect music program. Whether classic or cool our partners “Mobydisc "know their stuff and can adjust the music to suit your individual wishes. Depending on your needs, leave the perfect lighting, the perfect dance floor, and the perfect accompanying food to us as well.

    DJ including equipment for 5 hours
    EUR 429,00

    DJ including equipment for up to 10 hours
    EUR 599,00

    each additional hour
    EUR 50,00

  • 07/10

    GPS Challenge

    GPS ChallengeThe tour starts directly in front of the KTC building and leads you out into the surrounding nature areas. The challenge is to find the right way to the destination. There's hardly a better way to connect the three "co's" - concentration, cooperation and communication - with fun, good mood and fresh air. Equipped with torches or headlamps this event can also take place in the evening or in the winter, with special winter tasks.

    1,5-2 hours for up to 10 participants
    EUR 470,00

    each additional person
    EUR 37,00

     In cooperation with Active Meeting Concepts
  • 08/10

    Bowling alley – A “Strike” for your team

    Bowling alleyThe KTC Königstein has two bowling lanes, which can be used for team building activities, or simply as a “get to know” sociable evening program for up to 25 people. Upon request we will gladly provide you with drinks and finger foods.

    Bowling alley (2 lanes including crisp snacks)
    EUR 75,00

  • 09/10

    KTC Lounges

    KTC LoungesWhether its an evening team activity in relaxed surroundings or just a cosy get together with work colleagues, our lounges in House 6 offer the perfect location. Self-enclosed, here you can organize your evening to suit yourselves. Drinks and snacks can be provided if required.

    Rental price including crisp snacks
    EUR 55,00

  • 10/10

    Barbecue & sociability in the beer garden


    Enjoy a Bavarian beer garden atmosphere with potato and radish salad, beef skewers and Bavarian cream desserts with fruit, or how about an American barbecue with hot dogs and beef burgers, our deluxe barbecue buffet with shrimps wrapped in bacon and Châteaubriand with a whipped herb butter sauce is also to be found on our buffet plan!

    On the adjacent beach volleyball court your team can decide whether they want to prove themselves with serve, dig and blocking, or relax with a strategic game of outdoor chess.

    The beer garden is situated in our 2.4-acre park, which is ideally suited for numerous team events, including archery, go-kart assembly and racing or power yoga. 

    Price per person
    from EUR 17,50
    (bookable for groups of 20 people and more)